Forside snøskuter

The product was solicited primarily by the Canadian market that is concerned about the safety when riding snowmobiles.  The garment is a vest with an airbag inside worn over the usual jacket, which compliments the traditional protections integrated in the jacket.
The challenges that had to be faced concern the temperature in which the Snowmobile sport is practiced and the possible fall in the lake. Hence a specific product had to be created to counter these challenges.
In case the driver is ejected from his vehicle, the snowmobile airbag jacket protects the user by covering all the upper body parts. The jacket diminishes the injury risks, preventing from neck torsions, spinal column traumas, broken rib cage and coccyx shocks.
The upper body shocks are minimized as they are distributed throughout the jacket; moreover the pressure of the airbag rigidifies the upper body that will be less vulnerable when hitting an obstacle.  Finally the jacket also plays a floating role. Snowmobile drivers are often practicing on frozen lakes, so there is a possibility of drowning. This specific snowmobile airbag jacket keeps the user from sinking